About Me

Will Devas - Psychotherapist, Counsellor

I am passionate about offering people support to aid their healing, growth and ability to lead a fuller life. I am a humanistic and integrative counsellor and psychotherapist which means that I draw from a wide range of approaches to support clients and I fundamentally believe that everyone has the ability to flourish and heal themselves. However in times of distress the support of an empathetic, compassionate and non-judgemental professional can be helpful. 

I take a holistic view of us as humans and therefore I am interested in how you uniquely experience life mentally (thoughts), emotionally (feelings),  physically (body) and in your soul, that element that makes us uniquely us. Although everyone is different generally I seek to support clients to both put in place strategies and practices that make life easier to manage in the short-term as well supporting longer-term healing and growth.  I find it a great privilege to accompany people in that process and I love the work.   

Before becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist I worked for nine years in humanitarian aid, responding to four major  emergencies and travelling widely in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to provide training and advice on aid programmes. I then worked in violent conflict resolution and peacebuilding as CEO of the Glencree Centre for Peace and  Reconciliation.  I continue to work with groups of victims and survivors of the Troubles and facilitate dialogue between them and those that hold different views about the legacy of violence and its causes. 

It was witnessing the tremendous courage and resilience in the face of great suffering of those I have met in my humanitarian and peacebuilding work that spurred me to become a psychotherapist.

I have also worked in tourism, large event management and sports broadcasting and combine my counselling and psychotherapy work with leadership coaching and organisational consulting for not-for-profits.

I am a lover of the outdoors and spend as much time as possible in the mountains and sea. Nature, staying connected to loved ones, exercise and meditation are all important for my own well-being – mental, physical and emotional.  

Accreditation, Qualifications and Training
I am an accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) and have an MSc (1st) in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from University College Cork and a Diploma in Integrative Clinical Psychotherapy from Turning Point. I also hold a Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling.

To ensure I uphold a high quality of work I attend regular supervision and CPD (continuous professional development). Furthermore I deliberately limit the number of my clients to ensure I am fresh and able to give my very best to each of them.