Will Devas

I am a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Rathmines, Dublin, offering either face to face or online (video or phone) sessions. If a mutually convenient time can be found I also offer outdoor / walk and talk sessions.  I am experienced in providing support for a wide range of issues that make life and relating to others feel hard or unmanageable such as anxiety, traumatic experiences, overwhelm, grief and loss, low self-esteem, depression, self-harm, feeling lost, addictive behaviours and anger management.

However please do contact me if any or a combination of the following reflect your  experience as I have learned my support seems to be most effective in these areas:  Feeling alone or isolated; living with a sense of fear, dread or being overwhelmed; trying to cope with events that are or have been ‘traumatic’; lacking confidence in your own abilities and judgement; or having a sense of deep pain.   

I seek to create, through compassion and non-judgement, a sense of safety so that you are able, at your own pace, to put in place strategies to make life easier and start to heal, grow and live as full a life as possible.  I find it a great privilege to accompany people in this work and commit to give my very best for every client.  

I also offer workplace well-being workshops combining my psychological knowledge and experience with my extensive management background.